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R Courses

Biostatisticians use the R programming language for manipulating and visualizing data, as well as statistical analysis. Many online resources exist for learning R, and the below links provide some useful references.


Codes Spaces - Top 10 R Programming Certifications, Courses & Trainings Online

Digitaldefynd - 10 Best R Programming Certification & Courses

Solutions Review - The 12 Best R Courses and Online Training to Consider

In addition to the above links that provide a selection of top-rated R online courses, below are links for specific R resources and helpful sites.*


Short intro to R


Getting started


R for Data Science


Style Guide


Dplyr videos from Rstudio


Cheatsheets for dplyr, ggplot, RStudio, and RMarkdown


Intro to RMarkdown


Data wrangling, exploration, and analysis with R


*Thanks to Kaitlin Maciejewski and the Yale Center for Analytical Sciences Young Scholars Program for contribution of resources.

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