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About Us

“Biostatisticians with advanced degrees are highly sought after. Employment opportunities in the fields of mathematics and statistics are expected to increase dramatically by 2028.”

Benn, Ekt et al.  Creating and sustaining effective pipeline initiatives to increase diversity in biostatistics: the ENAR Fostering Diversity in Biostatistics Workshop.  Journal of Statistics Education. 2020; 28(3):295-303. Available at

Biostatistics for All aims to provide information on a broad range of free enrichment opportunities available to study biostatistics and pursue careers in the field. While many of the resources especially encourage those from traditionally underrepresented groups in biostatistics to apply, all students with an interest in biostatistics will hopefully discover some useful information as they explore this possible career path. 


Website topics cover programs (summer programs, scholarships, etc.) available to students in various stages of their education, from high school to college and beyond, including doctoral studies and post graduate job opportunities. The site has the following sections with information organized according to whether students are in high school, college, or graduate school:


Summer Programs provides a list of free (or minimal fee) summer opportunities in biostatistics and public health-related courses.


Scholarships describes opportunities for financial support intended for students attending or planning to attend a 4-year college or university. Scholarship funding is also included for those pursuing graduate studies in the field.  While some of the scholarships focus directly on biostatistics or public health, several include a general focus on any STEM related field.


Career Resources includes general references about careers in biostatistics, fellowship opportunities, and job listings, as well as mentorship programs specifically targeted at increasing the diversity of students pursuing studies and careers in biostatistics.

Online Courses provides references for resources available to learn the R programming language, the Python programming language, and statistics and biostatistics basics online.

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